Audi – Commercial Breakdown

Dynamic photo, Colour: Vegas Yellow

I’m seldom angry. Actually, that’s a lie. I’m Northern, so I’m angry most of the time. But it turns out I can become even more enraged. As I discovered after seeing Audi’s ‘going home’ advert. Oh, isn’t it nice? The cars are driving themselves to Le Mans because, as the advert goes on to state, Audis are “born on the rack. Built for the road.” Bollocks, Audi. Well, not to the notion. I’m sure that’s true. Bollocks, however, to the timing of this advert.

Do you honestly think this will cover up or detract from the fact you’ve just pulled out of the WEC? After nearly two decades. That literally hundreds of people have lost their jobs. And that you’re now just a spectator, not a competitor? It doesn’t. Not by a long shot. I’m willing to bet some advertising, sharp-suited muppet was well proud of him or herself after making this. You shouldn’t be. If you have even a passing interest in cars, it’s offensive. Poor show, Audi. Rant over.

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