Goodwood FoS: The manufacturers

Ever wondered why there isn’t a British Motor Show anymore? I often have, but as it turns out, the Goodwood Festival of Speed has become the de facto British Motor Show, such is the manufacturer presence there.

The last time I went in 2005, a few were there with five or six cars on display in glorified tents. This year I counted 25, all with huge edifices to show off their wares. Most had some sort of interactive display, many had guest appearances (BMW was very busy), and owners’ areas. Then there was Skoda’s cycling challenge, Ford‘s three-storey slide, Land Rover’s off-road experience…

And then there’s the Moving Motor Show on the Thursday before the FoS gets under way, where there are very many cars to drive/ride in.

Quite frankly, you could spend the entire day wandering round them all and not even be aware there was anything else going on. It’s slightly mind-boggling.

Anyway, here is a by-no-means exhaustive run down of the best of the manfacturers’ displays.

What do you think?

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