After a long, long wait. After more silly Daily Mail headlines than we can count. And after a barrage of misinformation and unknowns, today is the day! It’s the 18th of November, which means The Grand Tour is here! Yay! Yay in the face! We’re excited, can you tell? But then again why wouldn’t we be? The boys are back! And since they’re the best at what they do, we can’t wait. Can you?

If you’re reading this ahead of the show going live (because you keep refreshing the Amazon home screen, right?) we have a treat for you. Up there, yep, just up the page, is the second trailer. And you need to watch it, because only a fool wouldn’t! Plus, you want to see explosions, right? You need to see James May firing a rifle from the back window of an Audi. Furthermore, you need to see Clarkson jet skiing under a catamaran. We’re going to be glued to our Amazon account all day, just waiting for this to go live. Andy why not? So far, it seems like it’s going to live up to the hype.

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