Hardcore, €2.3m Pagani Huayra BC already sold out

What’s a Pagani Huayra BC then?

Having completed the planned run of 100 ‘standard’ cars, Pagani has taken the next logical step and devised a bonkers, hardcore, track-focused version of the already nutty Huayra.

What do I need to know?

The Huayra BC takes Pagani’s attention to detail to a new level of fanaticism. The exhaust, a thing of sculptural beauty on the standard car and even more so here, is made entirely of titanium and weighs a miniscule 2.9kg (10kg standard). The Brembo brake calipers are a new, so-called ‘monolithic’ design and weigh 6% less than the standard items. The forged wheels weigh a total of 9kg less. The suspension uprights are made from aeronautical grade aluminium that weighs 25% less than normal alloys. And the entire body is made of a new type of carbon composite that is said to be 50% lighter and 20% stronger than normal carbonfibre. Pagani has previously developed carbotanium, a composite of carbonfibre interwoven with strands of titanium.

The weight savings add up to a considerable 132kg, bringing the Huayra BC’s kerbweight down to around 1,200kg. By comparison the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 are all positively lardy at more than 1,500kg.

Pagani has lavished attention on other parts of the car, too. Like the gearbox, which is a brand-new, seven-speed automated manual unit from specialists Xtrac. It features a new electro-hydraulic actuator that slashes shift times in half down to 75 milliseconds. It also has carbonfibre synchronisers, drives race car-style tripod driveshafts and weighs 40% less than an equivalent dual-clutch ‘box. Shifting is done via the steering wheel-mounted paddles or the stick, which has the most incredibly intricate and beautiful exposed mechanism.

The tyres, bespoke Pirelli P Zero Corsas, have 12 different compounds across their 355mm width. The AMG-supplied, 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 engine has been liberated of another 60bhp, taking output to 789bhp and 811lb/ft of torque. And the huge aero addenda were developed in conjunction with race car designer Dallara.

Anything else?

‘BC’ stands for Benny Caiola, a personal friend of Horacio Pagani and the first person to buy one of his cars.

When can I buy one?

You can’t. Just 20 will be built and all of them are accounted for already. If you can make do with a ‘standard’ Huayra, this one – reputed to be the most extensively optioned one built – goes under the hammer at RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island sale next month, estimated at $1.9m to $2.2m.

How much does it cost?

Those 20 buyers have had to stump up €2.3 million before adding any options.

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