All Hellcat breaks loose with Jeep

Rhino XT Hellcat

THIS is the totally nuts Hellcat Rhino XT.

It is one of the metal stars of the latest The Fast and the Furious 8 blockbuster movie epic.

But it’s got a special secret. It’s really just a humble Jeep Wrangler!

Rhino XT Hellcat
Rhino XT Hellcat

However, make it angry and like the Incredible Hulk, suddenly all hell breaks look and the bodywork rips apart unveiling a monster of a motor.

U.S. Speciality Vehicles have taken the standard Wrangler, ram a Hellcat V8 engine into it plus a bodykit that Mad Max commissioned and hey presto, it’s ready to be Rhodes’ ride in the latest TFATF.

Rhino XT Hellcat
Rhino XT Hellcat

Don’t expect it to become common place on our roads though. Apparently the customisation will set you back £125,000 – a bit steep for a Jeep Wrangler in fancy dress.

However, rumour has it that a country music star has ordered one from U.S. Speciality Vehicles.


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