Hennessey unleashes 1,000bhp Cadillac CTS-V

Texas. Land of vast plains and even vaster skies, where too much is never enough. Hennessey Performance, maker of the Venom, is based in Teaxs, which may go some way to explaining its near-lunatic thirst for horsepower.

Hennessey has just released a number of upgrade packages for the Cadillac CTS-V. From the factory, the CTS-V comes with a 6.2-litre, supercharged V8 engine producing 640bhp, enough to pulverise the European competition in a drag race. 0-60mph takes 3.6secs and top speed is 200mph. No Green Party-pleasing electronic nannying, here.

Said Green Party would probably be up in arms if it got wind of the Hennessey-fettled Caddy. The HPE750 and HPE800 offer 750bhp and 800bhp respectively, but they seem like cop-outs when there is the HPE1000 with, you guessed it, 1,000bhp. Too much is never enough, remember.

In order to extract such colossal power from the engine, Hennessey has replaced pretty much everything except the block. Cylinder heads, pistons, conrods, camshaft, fuel injectors, fuel pump, intercooler, intake and exhaust manifolds, catalytic converts; all of it is new, much heavier duty and much bigger. The supercharger has a whopping 2.9-litre capacity, for Pete’s sake.

On top of that, you can spec exhausts like artillery guns and Hennessey’s own wheels.

There’s no word on what the extra power does for performance, though we suspect it isn’t much faster from a standstill or flat-out, those numbers limited by traction and aerodynamics. It’s a fair bet, though, that in-gear acceleration is dramatically faster. And as we’ve established, a standard CTS-V isn’t exactly slow to begin with.

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