Here’s a Bugatti boat to match that new Chiron

It’s a fair bet that the vast majority of Bugatti owners have some sort of boat. Now they can buy an actual Bugatti boat.

Named Niniette after the nickname founder Ettore Bugatti gave his daughter, the boats are built by American firm Palmer Johnson under official endorsement.

Based on PJ’s composite-hulled SuperSport series, the Niniette’s styling recalls Bugattis of old. The blurb draws attention to “thee falling shoulder line of the Bugatti Type 57C Atalante and the perfectly balanced proportions of the Type 41 Royale.” Two-tone colourschemes hark back to vintage Bugs, too.

The carbonfibre structure is visible through translucent paint, while deck areas feature much titanium and exotic woods. We don’t know what engines power the Niniette, but they must be huge as top speed is 38 knots (43mph).

The boat pictured is the mid-range 19-metre variant with accommodation for four plus crew. It’ll set you back about £2.4 million. If that’s too steep, the smaller 13-metre version costs £1.4 million, about what a new Chiron will cost. Or if you’re feeling particularly flush, there’s the top-of-the-range 27-metre, which probably costs around five or six million.

The link between cars and boats is nothing new, of course. Many manufacturers sponsor yacht racing teams and some even build there own, like this Toyota yacht. Bugatti has history too, as its engines powered some of the fastest racing boats of the Twenties and Thirties.

What other cars do you think could serve as inspiration for a boat? We’d love to see one that takes after Pagani.

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