New Honda Civic – Sort Of


The new Honda Civic is here, sort of. We say that because there’s no official word in the UK as of yet. It’ll come though, and considering they’re built here, we’re pretty confident this is what it will look like despite the pictures being for the US. And we have to say, it’s doing rather well in the looks department. It’s a considerable departure from its predecessor, though there’s no denying that it’s, well, it’s big. It’s not just us, right?

New cars are getting fatter and fatter, but this seems like a massive leap. It appears bigger than anything else in its class. The Focus, the Golf, the Astra – none seem this big. Maybe it’s just the photos. We’ll have to see when we get the car early 2017. Then again, it is 130mm longer than the current car, so maybe we’re not seeing things?

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This is what we were teased with a few months back

It’s a huge seller for Honda, so keeping up with the increasingly large cars in its peer group makes sense. It looks good, too. It’s a striking car that should get pulses racing in the showroom. Though hopefully it won’t do so to a big extent. After all, the demographic for Civics isn’t what you’d call ‘spritely’. Bless’em. The last thing they need is shock!

Maybe this, the 10th generation Civic, could change that demographic significantly. The fact it boasts independent rear suspension, more space, a higher level of interior refinement and more could bring the younger buyers back. In turn, it could be a real worry for Ford, VW and others. Especially with that chassis setup that promises a fun and involving driving dynamic.

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This is the first shot of a production version

We’re not sure why the car in the above image is still in primer. Though this is Swindon we’re talking about. The tea bell probably rang or something. Grey primer aside, it looks good. What you’re seeing is a real-world representation of how it will look. This isn’t a photoshopped beauty queen. This is it. It looks great.

As for power, we’ll be getting the option of a 1.0-litre and 1.5-litre VTEC TURBO petrol engine, as well as a revised 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel unit. Civic will be the first European model to feature the two all-new petrol engines.

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Seriously, who signed off on grey?

So, another revamped middle of the road car. Great. Well, yes actually. A new Civic means something big – it means there’s a new Type R coming. Details are scarce, apart from fanboy chatter – there’s lots of that – but Honda has said it’s coming in 2017. We cant’t wait. The ‘stock’ version here looks like it has promise, meaning the Type R should be sensational. Especially with the return to independent rear suspension.

Just don’t paint it grey, Honda.

What do you think?

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