Honda N-Truck/N-Camp, world’s cutest camper

We’re all familiar with Japan’s Kei-car regulations. They lay down stipulations on size, weight and engine size in return for tax breaks and less strict parking rules.

Kei cars make up the vast majority of the Japanese car market and, it turns out, there’s a thriving industry to convert them into camper vans.

That industry got together for it’s annual Japan CampingCar show last week. And among the exhibits was this concept brought along by Honda, the Honda N-Truck/N-Camp, possibly the cutest camper van in the world.

It’s based the N-Box Kei-car, an appropriately cubist micro-MPV/hatchback. With the rear roof chopped off, it becomes an amusing micro-truck with a two berth trailer attached to the back.

The trailer is as stylishly minimalist inside as it is outside, with green velour chairs I wouldn’t mind having in my house. I’m not sure if it has a kitchen or a toilet, but it probably wouldn’t be too much trouble to origami them in.

Sadly, the N-Truck/N-Camp will stay as a concept, though I wouldn’t be surprised if someone comes up with something similar. Incidentally, the smallest camper van on sale in the UK is the Citroen Nemo-based, 3.75m-long, single-berth Romahome R10.

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