Honda NSX GT3 race car revealed

GT3 is probably the single most successful production car-based racing category of all time. By our count, at least 22 different cars are currently eligible for the major national and international series. In 2017, another car will added to the ranks: the Honda NSX GT3.

Work is already well advanced on the Acura-badged machine, unveiled at the New York Auto Show earlier this week. The race car does without its road-going sibling’s hybrid powertrain, but the mid-mounted twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 engine remains in place, driving the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential gearbox.

The bodywork has sprouted huge aero addenda – splitters, diffuser, spoiler, winglets – and stretched wheelarches covering a wider track. Initial development work on the NSX GT3 was carried out by Honda’s Japanese racing arm, testing on circuits at home and in Europe. Work transfers to California-based Honda Performance Development for final set-up honing and pushing homologation through in time for the 2017 season.

HPD boss Art St. Cyr said: “The NSX was designed as a pinnacle expression of Acura Precision Crafted Performance, and we’re looking forward to proving its ultimate performance capabilities in GT3 racing. We’ll be working with the NSX engineering teams in Ohio and Japan to bring our dream of a truly world-class new Acura NSX racecar to fruition.”

It’s expected that the NSX GT3 will race in North America next year – GT3s are eligible for the Pirelli World Challenge and IMSA Sports Car Championship. There’s no word yet on when customer teams from the rest of the world would be able to get their hands on one.

The more, the merrier, we say. Especially when they look this good.

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