Horrific 160mph Aussie V8 pile-up

V8 Supercar crash

AS they say in Australia…STREWTH.

Apparently Down Under this Sandown Raceway’s turn six is described as one of the most dangerous corners in Aussie.

This probably proves it.

The entry speeds into this bend are a mental 160mph, so it’s not a place you want to get all pear-shaped.

The bad news is that it did for young V8 Supercars star Todd Hazelwood in a qualifying race for the Sandown 500.

Todd, only 21, was vying for position with rivals Jono Webb and David Russell.

Unfortunately the latter two got into a close encounter leaving Todd nowhere to go but hurtling into the wall. The incredible force of impact sent his Commodore spinning into the air and ripped body panels of the chassis.

Later Todd, who escaped unscathed, revealed the understatement of the century: “When you’re going at 260 kilometres an hour (162mph) and you get a whack like that you’re just a passenger.”

Phil Lanning

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