How reliable is your car?

Volvo XC90

THE biggest pains in life are toothache and when you car goes wrong.

So we all want a reliable car.

But how can you honestly tell what car to buy?

Well this survey might just help you.

Thankfully, this new research should help you learn from others’ mistakes.

The 2017 J.D Power Vehicle Dependability Survey revealed which cars had the least – and most – recorded problems.

It collated data over the past 12 months from owners of vehicles in the UK after 12-36 months of ownership.

The study examines 177 problem symptoms across eight categories to conclude the cars ranking.

The J.D Power Vehicle Dependability Survey defines dependability based on the number of problems experience per 100 vehicles (PP100), where the higher a score the worse it ranks and lower the score the higher quality.

Kia second in reliability survey
Kia ranked equal top in survey

Mark Lendrich, head of research at J.D. Power Europe, said: “Minor issues like foggy windows, noisy brakes or navigation systems that are difficult to use can be very frustrating for owners and can negatively affect brand loyalty.

“These design problems aren’t easy to fix at a service appointment and, if the owner has to live with these problems for the duration of time they have the vehicle, they’re less likely to purchase the same brand in the future.”

Of those new car owners who experience no problems, 58 per cent said they would definitely purchase or lease the same brand again.

Surprisingly, 48 per cent of drivers who experienced one or more problems said they would still stick with the brand longterm.

According to the research, 31 per cent of drivers classed the vehicle’s exterior being a crucial part of the reason they purchase vehicle.

Fuel economy also seems to be a crucial factor for drivers when purchasing a new car with 50 per cent seeing it as the most important reason.

Kia and Volvo ranked at the top of the list of most dependable cars with a score of 83 PP100 followed by Skoda in third place with a score of 89 PP100 and Suzuki with 92 PP100.

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