Hyundai SUV gets Rockstar treatment

Hyundai Rockstar Santa Fe Sport Concept

WHAT happens when you cross Koreans with a Rockstar?

This stunning lovechild, that’s what.

It may well be the coolest Hyundai ever built.

This is a one-off produced for the nuts modified car SEMA show next month.

It looks the absolute dog’s danglies until you ask what it’s called.

The official title is: Rockstar Energy Moab Extreme Off-roader Santa Fe Sport Concept.

It probably goes from 0-60mph before you finish it’s name.

Imagine stating that to the automated car park paying machines. Nope, no chance. Please press one, you can’t park here, because your car’s name is too stupidly long.

Anyway. Energy drinks giant Rockstar has teamed up with Hyundai to create this rather macho beast, designed to withstand demands of extreme off-roading in Moab, Utah, which is considered one of the most challenging off-road regions in the world.

Nic Ashby from Rockstar Marketing said: “Leveraging the outstanding Santa Fe Sport platform and powertrain, we definitely pushed its capabilities to new limits to conquer the pinnacle of challenges at Moab.”

Bet it still couldn’t cope with the school run in Glasgow in mid-January.

There’s a ton of extra kit on this – including something called Bulldog LED lighting. Woof.

Phil Lanning

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