Initial D-inspired Toyota GT86 revealed

It’s largely thanks to cult cartoon Initial D that the Toyota AE86 Corolla is an icon of drifting and car culture generally the world over.

Initial D followed the exploits of teenage drifter Takumi Fujiwara, who drifted his AE86 around Japan’s mountain roads while doing deliveries for his dad’s tofu shop. Suichi Shigeno’s original comic book has been adapted into films, TV shows and computer games over the years and spawned countless AE86s modified to look like Takumi’s car.

Without the AE86, the current Toyota GT86 probably wouldn’t exist. It too is a small, rear-wheel-drive coupe with just enough power, sharp handling, a limited-slip differential and little grip. Modern day drifters have taken to in their droves.

Toyota GB has built this rather delicious Initial D/GT86 mash-up because… well, why not? It features the same black and white colour scheme as Takumi’s motor, including ‘Fujiwara Tofu Shop’ graphics in Japanese script. It has the same type of RS Watanabe wheels, too.

It also has lowered TRD suspension and a Cusco strut brace, Fujitsubo exhaust, carbonfibre bonnet and silver engine cover, carbon door handles and mirror housings, yellow fog lights, tinted rear lights, mud flaps and no rear spoiler.

Toyota GB clearly enjoys doing this sort of thing. Last year it showed off six GT86s replicating famous Toyota race cars (pictured below). The Initial D GT86 will be out and about at car shows throughout the summer.

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by Graham King

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