Injured service personnel complete desert rally in Dacia Duster

A team military service personnel, some living with serious injuries, have completed the 2,000km Carta Rallye through the sand dunes of Morocco, driving the Dacia Duster.

The team was put together by Future Terrain, a charity that helps ex-military personnel who have suffered physical and mental injuries to rehabilitate and learn new skills through motorsport.

Dacia UK provided the team with the trio of cars used on the event. Apart from race seats, rollcages and meatier tyres, the three Dusters were completely standard.

The Carta Rallye sees crews tackle rocky mountain passes, wide open desert plains and huge sand dunes. And it seems, the Dusters took it all in their stride, not once getting stuck and often setting top-three stage times. Future Terrain took part in the GPS Challenge, a timed navigation event. The team added to the challenge, as well, driving the cars to the event and back, a round trip of 4,000 miles.

Grant White, co-founder of Future Terrain, said: “The Carta Rallye is highly demanding even for the fittest able-bodied people, when you bring people into the mix who are in wheelchairs, with prosthetic limbs or have mental illness, it really ups the ante.

“It’s the first time we have driven these cars in this kind of environment and we found out the Dusters can even climb mountains as we went slightly off-piste! I sat there in wonder seeing people that only three to four weeks ago had never driven off-road but took these cars up things you just wouldn’t believe.”

Future Terrain will spend the rest of the year competing with the Dusters in the British Cross-Country Championship.

By Graham King

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