Is a RWD Honda NSX Type R in the works?

The much-anticipated new Honda NSX hits roads around the world with in next few weeks, but it seems Honda is already planning a track-focused Type R version.

According to Autocar, senior chassis engineer Nick Robinson (Dynamic Development Leader in Honda-speak) the Honda NSX Type R hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the desire to put it into production is there.

It isn’t yet known what the technical make-up of the Type R will be. The standard NSX is powered by a mid-mounted, 500bhp, twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6, supplemented by an electric motor that boosts power to the rear wheels and a further pair for each front wheel. It’s thought the Type R will ditch the front motors for an exclusively rear-drive set-up.

Losing two electric motors would cut a good chunk from the NSX’s hefty 1,725kg bulk. Strategic use of exotic, lightweight materials would save even more (a carbonfibre roof is available on the standard car, which saves 5kg).

The original NSX Type R was produced for the Japanese market between 1992 and 1994. Just 482 were built and it’s a highly-prized collectable, now.

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