…is Top Gear about to get naked?

Jeremy Clarkson, the former Top Gear presenter, says that the BBC risks becoming irrelevant if it doesn’t “face up to new challenges in the digital age” by embracing sex, nudity and cliffhanger endings.

Clarkson was dropped by the BBC earlier this year after punching a colleague in the face, but went on to sign a multi-million pound deal with the digital broadcaster Amazon Prime, which produces original television including the political comedy, Alpha House, and the sci-fi series, Extant, starring Halle Berry.

The 55-year old presenter has launched several broadsides at his old employer, including attacks on BBC news reporters, the corporation’s editorial judgement and former senior executive Danny Cohen.

In his latest attack, Clarkson says that to keep pace with the way television is going, baking guru Mary Berry “should show off her buns”.

“Like everyone else in the known universe, I’m an enthusiast of the box set,” Clarkson writes in his column for The Sun. “Game Of Thrones. Breaking Bad. Dexter. House Of Cards. For millions, they’re the new religion.”

And what is the common thing that unites them? Sex.

“Game Of Thrones is borderline pornography half the time. Dexter only interrupted his murdering to have sex. And Ray Donovan? Well basically, he’s a one-man bonk machine.”

But the BBC has been oddly reticent to embrace the move towards more risqué television, Clarkson notes. “In fact, I’m fairly sure that the last time I saw a nipple on the BBC, it was James May’s.”

According to the presenter, the national broadcaster must move with the times or risk irrelevance.

“There’s a lesson here for the BBC as it faces up to new challenges in the digital age. If it wants to survive then it must at least consider the possibility of Cash In The Attic: Nude. And in Bake Off, there needs to be a little less cooking and a lot more gratuitous sex.”

Last week, the Daily Mirror suggested that Clarkson’s new show for Amazon Prime will feature more “curvy girls”.

The new show is expected to begin in the middle of next year.

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