Jaguar XF hits another big ace winner

Jaguar XF

THE Big Cat got the cream.

It’s been some week for Jaguar. They launched the new XF Sportbrake with the aid of a special tennis match between Andy Murray, Jimmy Carr, Anthony Joshua and Rob Bryden.

But it’s also been good news for the Sportbrakes little brother XF saloon.

It was named Auto Trader Car of the Year voted for by car owners.

The British-built luxury saloon beat off competition from Mercedes, Audi and Skoda in the hotly-contested inaugural awards.

Top trade magazine Auto Trader polled 10,000 owners in key areas like running costs, reliability and practicality.

Andy Murray and Anthony Joshua with new Jaguar XF Sportbrake
Andy Murray and Anthony Joshua with new Jaguar XF Sportbrake

The awards also moved away from typical categories like SUVs and MPVs as research revealed almost half of buyers are left confused by car jargon.

The categories instead focused on the best car for families, best for new drivers and best value.

The Jaguar XF stormed the overall category scoring highly in comfort, safety, power and new technology.

Auto Trader Cars Editor, Andy Pringle, said: “The aim of Auto Trader’s New Car Awards was to make car awards simpler and easier to understand for car buyers.

“But also to put the power in the hands of the consumer, providing an accurate reflection of the cars that are true consumer champions.”

Other winners included the Mercedes E-Class, Audi TT and the UK’s best-selling car: the Ford Fiesta.

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