Jeepers creepers this is scary

Jeep Wrangler

IF YOU are frightened of heights…look away now.

This is the utterly insane Jeep JK Wrangler that can drive down a sheer drop vertically.

It’s no ordinary Jeep, as you might have imagined.

This is an Agility Customs off-road specialists modified version of the legendary American 4×4.

They decided to build the world’s first street-legal rear-steer Jeep JK… then throw it nose-first down a ridiculously steep rock.

The building of it was easy. We would have loved to see the decision on who to drive it!

Obviously there’s enough technology info added to choke a donkey. But all we know is that it looks terrifying.

Agility Customs also offer a new pair of pants for every driver.

Phil Lanning

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