A flying hover Bugatti of the future?

Jomar Macho's flying Bugatti

HOW WILL life be in 50 years time?

Robocop policing the streets, going to Jupiter for your summers hols and drones delivering your McDonald’s (bet the order is still wrong).

And what about flying cars?

Jomar Macho's flying F1 car
Jomar Macho’s flying F1 car

Although you’ll still get stuck in a 10-mile tailback on the M25 superhighway in the sky, what will they look like?

Well thanks to photoshop and the incredible imagination of Brazilian visual artist Jomar Machado, this is a glimpse into how the future car showrooms might be filled with.

Machado is obsessed with cars and sci-fi hence why these all look like they have jumped from a Star Wars or Mad Max Hollywood set.

Jomar Macho's flying Mustang
Jomar Macho’s flying Mustang

And it’s a fascinating mix of Bugattis to old Chevys, Mustangs, F1 cars and bikes.

Each render can apparently take a fortnight to finish but they are simply a work of brilliant art.

But what will Arthur Daley look like as a robot?

Phil Lanning

Flying Bugatti of the future?
Flying Bugatti of the future?

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