Jon Olsson building mad, modified Huracan

The naked Lamborghini Huracan you see here is the start of what could become the single most mental modified car in the world.

It belongs to skier, Gumball 3000 veteran, serial car modder and all-round badass Jon Olsson. You may remember him as the man behind the lunatic 1,000bhp, DTM-styled Audi RS6 from last year’s Gumball. That car is sadly no more after it was stolen from its new Dutch owner then torched.

It seems Olsson plans to go one step further with his new Huracan. Actually, probably more like five or six. As pictured here, it’s stripped of all the body panels so it can be 3D scanned, which gives a clue that something truly outrageous is planned.

According to Olsson, rather than simply stick on extra bits to the bodywork, the Huracan will feature all-new panels made from pre-preg carbonfibre. He hasn’t said where he’s finding inspiration, but given his form, there will probably be a distinct motorsport flavour (he races in the Lamborghini Trofeo series).

The engine will get some attention, too, from tuners Stertman. Again, Olsson hasn’t indicated what will be done, but we reckon a twin-turbo conversion with at least 1,500bhp would just about top the RS6.

Olsson said: “Personally I think this will be the best built to date. I think we will be able to go completely crasy [sic] but still keep the amazing driveability of the standard car, that’s my goal with this one I really want to be able to drive a mad machine every single day.”

We’ll keep you updated on progress.

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