Kahn unveils mental Defender Flying Huntsman

We’ve already seen how Land Rover is marking the iconic Defender’s retirement. Purveyors of, umm, extrovert bodykits and wheels, Kahn Design, have come up with their own tribute, the Defender Flying Huntsman.

At first glance you can see something is very different, but not necessarily what. In fact, the chassis has been stretched 400mm between the windscreen and the front wheels.

The ‘longnose’ profile frees up room for the new engine, a hulking great 6.2-litre Chevrolet V8. Power output is quoted at 550bhp, giving “explosive” performance. We don’t doubt it.

The motor is coupled to a six-speed, push-button automatic gearbox with drive going, naturally, to all four wheels. The suspension and brakes have been beefed up to cope with the extra thrust, though it will by no means have become a sports car.

The riveted wheelarches, grille, lights, bumpers and wheels have all been lifted from Kahn’s extensive catalogue of Defender mods. The interior will doubtless be incredibly plush, specced to cater for the owner’s every whim. Kahn is even planning armoured versions.

Kahn hasn’t announced prices for the Flying Huntsman yet, but it will be “in the region of £150,000.” Even at that, they won’t have trouble shifting them.

Defender Flying Huntsman
All the extra length is the nose

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