Ken Block to race Ford Focus RS in World Rallycross

This insane device in the 600bhp Ford Focus RS RX that Ken Block will campaign in the FIA World Rallycross Championship this year.

The car is a co-development between Ford, Block’s Hoonigan Racing outfit and WRC team M-Sport. Rallycross rules mean it will run a 2.0-litre engine and have a conventional, multi-differential four-wheel-drive system, rather than the road car’s 2.3-litre motor and clever torque vectoring AWD.

It is every inch the bespoke racer, only very loosely based on the Focus RS – the bare monocoque structure probably came off the production line, but it will have been lightened and modified well beyond road-going legality.

Hoonigan Racing Division will run a pair of cars for Block and Andreas Bakkerud, with backing from the Ford factory, through the full 2016 WRX season. Though clearly marketing-led, using the Focus is an interesting move, as it goes against the recent trend in rallycross of using supermini-size machines. Measuring a good half-metre longer than the rest of the grid, we wonder if the Focus might prove a bit unwieldy.

However it handles, the Focus will certainly be the most wild-looking car in the field, especially when it’s wearing Ken’s eye searing livery. Even by the cartoonish standards of rallycross, it looks utterly mental.

The World Rallycross Championship gets underway in Portugal on 15 April.

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