Kia Cee’d it to believe it

REMEMBER when you pointed and laughed at someone who drove a Kia?

They were just Korean, boxy, rustbuckets which were just slightly above Lada in the stand-up comedian joke routine.

But now who’s laughing.

Just look at this sensational Proceed concept that was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week.

The new model has been developed in the company’s European design centre, some 500 metres away from where the wraps were taken off.

It is believed that the concept could be the next generation Cee’d or even an estate version.

Kia concept cars may not be something that gets you excited but they probably should.

This latest shooting brake concept, which Kia described as an ‘extended hot hatch’, looks even more lovely than the stinger and has an athletic appearance despite its emphasised size.

The striking four-door concept comes with deep side curves and sills, flared out front and rear fenders and a swooping roofline which leads to the rear.

One of the most notable features of the new car is the rear strip light which look like it came fresh off a spaceship and those huge and beautiful black alloys.

Please build this Kia. We dare you.

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