Kid loves drifting with dad

My dad’s always been an enthusiastic driver. Even when I was little, about a million years ago, he wasn’t shy about getting a shift on.

And why not? My brother and me loved it. Even when all he had at his disposal was a 1.1 Renault 9, he made it go fast enough that we needed to hang on round corners. It was fantastic.

Of course, it wasn’t just us. There are dad’s who love driving fast and kids who love being driven fast. Like this pair.

Dad is a drifter and his four year-old boy loves nothing more than passengering with dad when he’s shredding tyres. The look of absolute exhilaration in the little ‘un’s eyes as the car slews about is brilliant.

The determined thumbs-up he gets at the end probably made dad’s day.

Video via Youtube/toxaavdeyev

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