LaFerrari commanding £1million premium

Ferrari will only build 499 examples of the immense 950bhp LaFerrari hybrid hypercar. All of which were probably snapped up long before anyone had even seen the car in the metal. Or, more accurately, the carbonfibe.

Not that it was easy to get hold of one, even if you had a suitably large deposit to hand. At the very least, you had to have previously bought at least five brand-new Ferraris. And then there was the small matter of the £1.2 million asking price.

Of course, not everyone who wanted LaFerrari got one, and now they are rolling out of the Maranello factory, people are willing to pay a substantial premium to get hold of one.

How much of a premium? Well, according to a survey by Oracle Finance, who operate at this end of the market, LaFerrari is commanding a £1 million premium over list. Nearly double the price.

To put that into perspective, the £866,000 McLaren P1, of which 375 will be built, is currently going for £300k over list, and the £650,000 Porsche 918 Spyder will set you back an extra 200 grand. That is, of course, assuming you can find any of these cars for sale anywhere.

The fact people are prepared to pay so much to own LaFerrari is hardly surprising, and is indicative of the skyrocketing prices the best classic Ferraris go for. At the various auctions held during Monterey Car Week in California this month, there are half-a-dozen or so historic Ferraris that will go for $10 million plus. LaFerrari’s predecessor, the Enzo, now regularly changes hands for a million.


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