Lamborghini Huracan GT3 unveiled

The mean green machine you see here is the Lamborghini Huracan GT3, which hits race tracks this year in the Blancpain Endurance Series (BES).

Unlike the previous Gallardo GT3, built by Reiter Engineering with factory support but little direct input, the Huracan GT3 has been designed and developed entirely in-house by the newly formed Lamborghini Squadra Corse outfit.

It’s a pretty serious piece of kit, too. The basic bodyshell and engine are taken from the production line, as per GT3 rules, but pretty much everything is new, honed for competition. The front and rear subframes, for instance, have been rejigged to accommodate a race-spec radiator and better positioning of the gearbox. Those are very fine details.

That gearbox is a six-speed sequential unit, rather than the road car’s dual-clutch unit, sending drive to the rear wheels. The engine is rigidly mounted to the body. The brakes are enormous (380mm front; 355mm rear). The ABS has 12 different settings, with a similar amount for the traction control (GT3 drivers vary hugely in ability).

There’s all the usual safety kit: massive rollcage, carbonfibre seat, extinguisher system and so on. Lamborghini has added a neat little touch as well, installing a roof hatch that gives medical personnel easy access to the driver.

The bodywork is made of lightweight composites, with all the usual skirts, splitters, spoilers and diffusers to keep the Huracan GT3 glued to the track. The design team had direct input from Gian Paolo Dallara, probably the most successful racing car manufacturer there has ever been. Anyone getting behind the wheel will feel secure in the knowledge that it is the real deal.

Will it be fast, though? The Huracan GT3 uses the same 5.2-litre, direct injection V10 engine as the road car, upgraded with a Bosch Motorsport ECU and specially designed electronics better suited to the demands of racing. As standard, the engine produces 602bhp, but the racer’s power output won’t be set until it has gone through the Balance of Performance tests that equalise the lap times of the diverse GT3 field. Most put out around 500bhp.

Austrian team Grasser Racing will run two Huracan GT3s in the BES this year, as the defacto works squad. Factory drivers Fabio Babini and Adrian Zaugg will lead the driving strength, alongside Giovanni Venturini, Jeroen Mul and Andrew Palmer from Lambo’s Young Driver Program, and Mirko Bortolotti, and Lamborghini Super Trofeo series graduate Mirko Borotolotti.

Privateer teams will be able to buy a Huracan GT3 as well, for the not outrageous sum of EUR369,000 (before tax). That’s less than a third the price of a McLaren P1, for a car that’s probably quicker round a track.

The BES gets underway at Monza in Italy on 11 April. For more information click here.

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