Lamborghini has confirmed it will launch the first SUV in the company’s history in 2018.

We’re not in entirely uncharted territory here. Lamborghini started as a tractor maker, and the muscle-bound, gussied-up-military-vehicle LM002 from the Eighties is the stuff of legend (or nightmares, depending on your perspective). Then there was the Urus concept car in 2012, which effectively gave birth to the production SUV.

So, what do we know about the Lamborghini SUV? Nothing. Only that it will be built at the existing factory in Sant Agata, which will take on 500 full-time staff to build the 3,000 or so SUVs that are expected to roll off the production line every year. That’s roughly double the current volume. Apparently the Italian government handed out some incentives to ensure production stayed at home.

Lamborghini has released precisely no technical details on the SUV. But Lamborghini is part of the vast VW Group empire, which opens up all sorts of possibilities. As such it seems likely the high-rise Lambo will use the same platform as the latest Audi Q7, upcoming Bentley Bentayga and next-generation Porsche Cayenne.

The shared architecture includes drivetrains and electronics, as well. So, you can expect the Lambo to use a multi-turbo petrol engine – definitely no diesel – and probably a high performance hybrid. Both would be firsts for Lamborghini. And expect enough driver assistance systems, connectivity and apps to baffle even Bill Gates.

The Lamborghini SUV will inevitably prove controversial, but with such a huge market even for very fast, very expensive SUVs, from a business point of view Lamborghini would be daft not to build one.

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