LEGO Beetle, stop motion loveliness!

Lego isn’t for kids anymore. It’s for us big kids, too. As this new LEGO Beetle goes to show. Fully detailed and complete with a camping trailer, it’s brilliant. But it’s nowhere near as brilliant as this video showing it being built! Made from over 1,000 pictures and the result of 30 man hours, not one detail has been missed.

Furthermore, you get to watch this and not lose any bits. Nor do you end up shouting at a block that won’t fit. You just get to see it come together in a couple of minutes. It’s engaging stuff. Though it will be bad for your wallet. We should know, as we’ve already spent out on the Caterham. We’re going to have to buy this, too, aren’t we? Damn you, LEGO!

What do you think?

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