Big boy’s toy – LEGO Mustang

LEGO is utterly brilliant. Well, it is until you stand on it with no shoes on. Or until your cat barfs it up on the living room rug (no, really, that happened to me). Cats and toes notwithstanding, it’s chuffin’ ace. As a toy, it inspires creativity and in an age of Playstations, that’s a good thing. The only limit to LEGO is your imagination. Add in a team of fellow LEGO fans, some laptops and thousands of bricks and, well, you can create anything. Say… a Mustang, for example.

That’s what you’re looking at here. A 1960s Mustang built entirely from LEGO. Obviously it took longer than most kits, which is why you’re getting a time lapse video here. Watch it and marvel at the detail. Geek out as you see individual parts being made. Then squeak with joy when you see the final product! If you want to see that car in the, er, plastic, you can. It’s on display at Legoland Florida. Feel free to take me with you.

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