Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS will consume your life

There are a lot of Lego cars available these days, but this is the mother and father of them all: a Lego Tecnic Porsche 911 GT3 RS made from 2704 pieces. That’s a number otherwise known as ‘s***loads’.

Indeed, we reckon it would take a solid nine or ten hours to build. But it would be worth the effort, as the detail is astonishing. It obviously has a working flat-six engine, but it also has a functional dual-clutch gearbox. Can’t even imagine how small and fiddly those parts are.

The doors, bonnet and engine lid open, the steering works, the spoiler adjusts and there’s a suitcase to go in the luggage compartment. It even has an opening glove box with an individual serial number on the lid.

The finished model – it’s definitely not a toy – is 1:8-scale, measuring a substantial 570mm from nose to tail. The price is equally substantial at £249.99, but that is 1000th of the price the real thing commands.

It goes on sale on 1 June.

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