Life’s not a Beach at LeMons

LeMons rustbuckets

MULTI-million motors, caviar for lunch, Gucci loafers, botox and trophy wives in abundance.

Pebble Beach’s stunning motoring week in California is a playground for the obscenely filthy richy.

Now meet its Nemesis…Rubble Beach.

It’s actual name is LeMons.

Swap the rich and famous for, er, rustbuskets.

The 'best/worst' of LeMons
The ‘best/worst’ of LeMons

Curiously, I find LeMons slightly more alluring.

The marketing posters say it all. It’s described as “an ugly oil stain” on Pebble Beach and is a celebration of “hoopties, rust buckets, misfits, mistakes and the worst of the automotive world”.

The 'best/worst' of LeMons
The ‘best/worst’ of LeMons

Sounds a bit like British Leyland in its heyday.

However, it’s not all praise for LeMons.

The 'best/worst' of LeMons
The ‘best/worst’ of LeMons

To me some of these motors on show look far too good to qualify.

OK they’re not quite the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, but some are in decent nick.

You don’t also need a gold bar in your back pocket to window shop, it’s a free event because organisers say “you get what you pay for”.

Please note this West Ham United…

Phil Lanning

The 'best/worst' of LeMons
The ‘best/worst’ of LeMons

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