Lexus Hoverboard is no gimmick

The Lexus ‘Amazing In Motion’ campaign has brought us some incredible showcases; from’s laser and sound recreation of one of his songs using the Lexus NX, to the Lexus RC-F heartbeat car.

There have been some pretty innovative ideas by the creative teams at Lexus, less-so on tech for any new cars but more-so on general innovation using their current ones. The next of the Lexus brainchilds we get to see in action is the Lexus Hoverboard, which is exactly what it sounds like.

The Lexus Hoverboard is a result of 18 months of design and technology planning with a team of scientists who specialise in magnetic levitation technology. Not only is the Hoverboard a result of this but the hoverpark is also specially constructed to demonstrate what the Hoverboard can do. The hoverpark consists of 200 metres of magnetic track beneath the surface of what looks like a conventional skatepark.

Magnetic levitation comes from the Lexus Hoverboard’s two cryostats that contain a superconducting material kept at a insanely cold -197 degrees Celsius. That combined with the magnetic tracks allows for the hovering motion to take place. Sounds simple but I’m sure the technological process is a lot more complicated.

Of course all of this talk really isn’t what you want, so enjoy the video of the Lexus Hoverboard which features a nice cameo by the upcoming Lexus GS-F.

By James Fothergill

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