Liberty Walk create Lamborghini Huracan on steroids

Notorious Japanese bodykitter Liberty Walk has created a typically steroidal ‘kit for the Lamborghini Huracan.

There’s a new front splitter and side skirts – all massive – and a choice of two rear spoiler designs. But it’s the immense wheelarches that really grab the attention. Especially with their exposed allen-head bolts that are just so cool. No idea why, but they are.

The various elements are available separately or as a complete package in fibreglass or carbonfibre. Prices for the full ‘kit range from £14,466.67 up to £18,426.67. Then you need to add some wheels at anything up to two or three grand a corner. And maybe an air suspension kit to really slam it into the weeds at another few thousand. Sounds like a lot, but you can easily spend more than that on a fancy paint finish from the Lamborghini options list.

Personally, I’d go for the full ‘kit on an orange car, with carbonfibre wheels and a 2000bhp-plus twin-turbo conversion to finish it off.

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