M25 in slow ‘shock’

M25 motorway traffic

SO, in today’s do bears poop in the woods news…the M25 has been ‘revealed’ as the slowest motorway in Britain. You don’t say?

The ring-road around London has been reported as having an average speed of just 25mph.

Top 10 slowest motorways in UK
Top 10 slowest motorways in UK

Is that why they called it the M25 because of the speed you go? If so I’m just going to drive on the M80 in future.

At that speed on the M25 it would take you five hours to travel just 117 miles, which is the equivalent flight time of a plane travelling from London to Turkey or Greece.

Which is far more attractive than driving for five hours and ending up in Dartford or Staines.

However, tracking company Satrak analysed data from over half a million vehicles and there were other interesting findings.

Remarkably London wasn’t the slowest city to drive in. That top prize went to Cambridge where you apparently will trundle around in at an average of 13mph. No wonder they prefer to row boats on the Thames.

Top 10 slowest cities to drive in
Top 10 slowest cities to drive in

The fastest average speeds in cities were found to be in Carlisle (44.7mph), Preston (39.8mph), and Winchester (39mph).

Dan Walton, MD of Satrak Vehicle Tracking, said: “It’s little surprise to find that the M25 is in fact the slowest motorway. We undertake work throughout the country and usually find the M25 to be the most cumbersome, and our data provides evidence for that.

“I’ve heard of tailbacks stretching 12 miles in my time there so it’s of little surprise to me. It’s nice to see that people are taking care in many of our cities however, as these places are often busy and above all are not environments for speeding.”

Tomorrow’s news: The Pope is revealed as a Catholic.

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