Massive hoard of 174 classic cars in London warehouse up for auction

Classic car collection - stuff of dreams or nightmares?

£1million hoard of 174 classic cars sits covered in dust and bird droppings in North London warehouse including a 1957 Mercedes and a 1973 Porsche.

An extraordinary £1million collection of 174 dust-covered classic cars dating back to the 1940s has been put up for auction at a warehouse for a total of nearly £1million after being discovered in barn finds.

The stunning array of vehicles, which are being kept at a business park in Tottenham, North London, have been given guide prices of up to £25,000 with the most expensive being a 1960 MG MGA red sports car.

Others with high guide prices include a 1975 Mercedes 350SL for £18,000, a 1989 BMW 635CSI for £16,000 and five cars for £15,000 each – including a 1973 Porsche 911, a 1983 Mercedes 280SL and a 1981 380SL.

Among the other vehicles being shown off by ‘London Barn Finds’ are a 1971 Triumph Spitfire MK4, a 1973 MG MGB, a 1989 Nissan 300ZX and a 1986 Mercedes 300SE – all of which have a guide price of £8,000.

Other vehicles available around the same price range include a 1976 VW Camper, a 1986 Mercedes 300SE and a Ponton 200 by the same manufacturer – while the cheapest is a 2000 Citroen Berlingo, up for £100. 

The oldest car on the list is a 1948 MG which does not have a guide price and was last taxed in 1991, with the second oldest being a 1952 MG YB and the third a 1955 Morris Minor with a guide price of £2,000.

The auctioneers have so far been tight-lipped on how the cars ended up in the warehouse, who the original owners were or how long they have been in storage for. 

Some of the cars do not have numberplates and others have no identifying documents, and a selection appear to be carrying the plates of different vehicles. Many have a thick layer of dust and are covered in bird droppings.

However all of the cars are said to run properly and were driven to the warehouse under their own power, with some taxed for road use as recently as 2016 – although others have not been taxed for three decades. 

Popular car enthusiast and YouTuber Freddie Atkins, who posts under the name TheTFJJ, got to visit the site last week and described it as a ‘very special warehouse’, adding: ‘I’ve not seen anything like it before in my life. 

‘It’s basically an insane collection of Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, lots and lots of classic cars – BMW as well. They’re all barn finds, they’re all being sold here and are coming up for sale with London Barn Finds on Instagram.’ 

Mr Atkins added: ‘The scale of this place is just incredible.’ He also said it was ‘interesting seeing the varying states of the interior’ and the cars gave an ‘insight into what the interior looks like if you left it out for many, many years’. 

The cars, which have a combined guide list total price of £942,700, could be seen in a viewing session on Bank Holiday Monday – with no money changing hands on the day and all sales made by sealed bids after the event.

The organisers said they would be contacting people who made bids following this open day and were still going through the offers as of today. They added that they would be putting any unsold cars up on eBay. 

A spokesman for London Barn Finds said on Instagram: ‘Thanks to everyone who came to the open day, we appreciate it was last minute but we had to manage it that way for reasons relating to the owner. 

‘We are currently looking at the bids received from Monday’s viewing and will be contacting people who offered in due course. The next step will be eBay for the cars that haven’t sold.’

They added: ‘You’ll be able to find more information about each car there. Please keep your eyes peeled for UK listings with ‘barn find’ in the title if you’re looking to bid on any of the items seen in this collection.’ 

The spokesman said that they were ‘sifting through 15 boxes of old receipts, old tax disks, photos of better years, service history, MOTs, V5s and more’ and were aiming to ‘share as much as possible’ with those interested.

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It will be the standard offering at forecourts as part of Government plans to cut carbon emissions, and is replacing E5 petrol, blended with up to 5 per cent bioethanol.

The Department for Transport said more than 95 per cent of petrol cars licensed for use on Britain’s roads are compatible with E10, which is not expected to cost more than E5. 

An impact assessment published in January 2020 estimated that around 600,000 cars – such as classic cars or those built in the early 2000s – would be incompatible with the new fuel this year.

Owners of those vehicles can continue to access E5 by purchasing super unleaded which costs an average of 8.7p a litre more than standard petrol, according to AA figures.

News Source: Daily Mail

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