Mazda sports car concept to revealed at Tokyo

Oh, Mazda, how you tease us! This is a first glimpse of a new sports car concept that will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show next month.

Mazda says its designers “strove to condense the company’s sports car history to as great a degree as possible into this concept.” We can see elements of the latest MX-5 at the rear, and it has the classic long-bonneted, rearwards stance of the RX-7. But the curving roofline is something entirely new.

Some Mazda officials have hinted that the company could bring back its much-loved rotary engine at some point in the future. Mazda last used one in the RX-8, which died in 2012. And enthusiasts have been clamouring for a proper successor to the legendary RX-7 since that was killed off 15 years ago.

There is no suggestion that this Mazda sports car concept could lead to a production car at all. But just imagine. A good-looking, two-seater coupe with a next-gen rotary engine, preferably turbo’d.

The internet is already abuzz.

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