McLaren 720S purple reigns in Pebble

Bespoke Fuschia Fux McLaren 720S

SURPRISINGLY, this isn’t one of Prince’s old cars up for grabs.

But this purple reigns supreme for striking motors at the Concours event in Pebble Beach earlier today.

It’s been built and designed by McLaren’s Special Ops (MSO) division for ‘entrepreneur and philanthropist’ Michael Fux for his display at the swanky Californian event.

Does that does mean it was built by McLaren for Fux sake?

Anyway, apparently that paintjob isn’t even purple, it’s actually called Fux Fuschia.

It’s look purple to me.

Bespoke Fuschia Fux McLaren 720S
Bespoke Fuschia Fux McLaren 720S

Anyway the colour features as classy detailing on the alloys, strips along the doors and a delicious stripe on the steering wheel and rear view mirror.

Everything else on the inside is covered, terrifyingly, in bespoke white leather.

That includes the cup holder and floor mats.

Try keeping that clean with three kids during a winter in Glasgow.

Also clear from these shots is the weird American obsession with taking pictures of cars on grass. It’s not a Flymo, so leave it on the road. Thank you.

Jolyon Nash, McLaren’s global sales and marketing exec director, said: “MSO provides McLaren owners with virtually limitless possibilities to tailor a car exactly to their needs and tastes.”

Bespoke Fuschia Fux McLaren 720S
Bespoke Fuschia Fux McLaren 720S

The price of this car of the Fuschia is being kept secret but a standard McLaren 720S in Luxury spec starts at £218,000.

Mr Fux already has a McLaren 12C in orange, a 12C Spider in purple, and a McLaren P1 in a bespoke green.

Clearly using a bag of Skittles as a paintjob option list is a dangerous game.

Taste the rainbow Mr Fux. Clearly a pot of gold at his end of it, too.

Phil Lanning

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