McLaren – a return to F1 greatness?

McLaren’s latest offerings – the 675LT, the 650S, the mighty P1 – they’re all pretty damn special. However, there’s no denying that while impressive, they have all lacked the magic of the mighty McLaren F1. That is, of course, until now. Turns out McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has something up its sleeve. And it sounds like something great. Though the key word here is ‘sounds’, as we have no idea what it will look like. All McLaren has released is, well, this…

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The car is currently known as the McLaren BP23, following on McLaren’s tradition of sexy names (looking at you, MP4-12C). Apparently, the name stands for Bespoke Project 2 with – and this is the exciting bit – 3 seats. Yeah, like the old F1. That’s good. Very good. McLaren is British and with that, we would like some eccentricity. Three seats is a good demonstration of that. Well done!

Though of course there’s more to it than just three seats. The car is being branded as a ‘Hyper GT’, designed for long jaunts but still with power and speed at its heart. Much like the P1, the McLaren BP23 will feature a hybrid platform. McLaren says this will make it one of the most powerful cars to ever foll out of the factory. That excites us greatly.

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Three seats for the win!

Only 106 McLaren BP23s will be built (please work on that name, McLaren) and somewhat unsurprisingly, they’re all sold already. Despite the fact nobody has a clue what it will actually look like. That’s some marketing power in action right there! As for full specification of the car, that will have to wait until nearer the launch date. The company is staying pretty tight-lipped about it. But with customisation aplenty on the cards, and McLaren’s track record, you can bet it’ll pretty damn spectacular. After all, that’s what they do.

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