McLaren P1 GTR unveiled

Apparently there are some people for whom the 918bhp, life-alteringly brilliant McLaren P1 isn’t quite extreme enough. Perhaps they’ve been up late at night, drinking too much Red Bull. Or some other energy drink that hasn’t won four F1 championships.

Anyway, McLaren listened to these mentalists, and has come with this, the P1 GTR. The ‘standard’ P1 already turned the volume up to 11; the GTR blows up the PA with the power chord from hell.

The trouble with the P1 is that it has to be road legal. Freed from those constraints, McLaren Special Operations have created just about the most extreme track car you can buy without resorting to an LMP2 racer.

The aerodynamics have been thoroughly reworked to cleave the air as efficiently as possible and improve airflow and cooling for the tweaked, 986bhp 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine.

The P1 GTR retains the road car’s hybrid drive system, which now has an F1-derived Energy Recovery System, which can boost power output with a push-to-pass system. Although what this could possibly come up against that’s faster, we don’t know.

Other technology pilfered from McLaren’s grand prix team include the Drag Reduction System on the fixed rear wing. Which, incidentally, works in tandem with the gigantic rear diffuser to generate as much downforce as possible.

To get the best out of all that power and aero, the tyres are suitably humongous. Lightweight 19-inch alloys are used front and back, 10.5-inches wide at the front, 13″ at the back. Quick-release centre-locking nuts and on-board air jacks mean you can try to beat the F1 team’s tyre change speed record.

McLaren hasn’t released any performance figures or downforce numbers for the P1 GTR. Probably because they would scare potential customers away.

Fortunately, McLaren has realised that the bravery of the people who can afford the GTR’s £1.98 million asking price might exceed their skill behind the wheel. As such, owners will have full access to McLaren personnel who can train them mentally and physically to get the best out of the car.

They will have access to McLaren’s simulator and the MSO team run the car for you, sending the necessary technicians to whichever track you want to spank around.

The P1 GTR was unveiled at Pebble Beach in California over the weekend, wearing a livery that pays tribute to the legendary F1 GTR of twenty years ago. The first test car wore similar colours and it was that very machine that went on to win the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1995.

Does anyone else want to see a race between the GTR, the McLaren GT3 racer, which costs about fives time less, and the F1 car, which costs about five times more?

McLaren P1
P1 GTR with its F1 GTR forefather, the only true road car ever to win Le Mans

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