McLaren P1 LM might be the most extreme road car ever

I’ve always thought McLaren to be one of the more straight-laced F1 teams. But the new McLaren P1 LM suggests there is a streak of pure, unbridled lunacy running through Woking. For it well be the most extreme road car there has ever been.

It’s actually the work of Lanzante, built with McLaren’s approval and sold through McLaren Special Operations. Lanzante is the company that turned the mighty McLaren F1 into the Le Mans-winning F1 GTR. Five of those were then converted back to road-going spec and sold as F1 LM. A similar trick has been pulled here.

The P1 LM starts life as a P1 GTR, that swivel-eyed, multi-million pound track day toy. Losing the air jacks and adding lightweight seats, plastic windows and titanium bolts adds up to a significant 60kg weight loss. And changes to the rear wing and a bigger front splitter and dive planes add 40% more downforce.

The hybrid powertrain goes unaltered, but 986bhp is plenty by any standard. Combine that with lighter weight and extra downforce and it’s safe to assume the P1 LM will be ballistically fast. Like, escape velocity fast.

The interior features much exposed carbonfibre, air-conditioning and a steering wheel modelled on the one Lewis Hamilton used in the 2008 MP4/23 F1 racer. A full tool kit, tailored car cover and 1:8 model of the car are thrown in, too.

Six copies of the P1 LM will be built, including the prototype you see here. Of the five production cars, one will be this same shade of grey, with the remainder the same orange as the F1 LM.

Price? Well, the P1 GTR costs the very thick end of £2 million and the conversion to LM spec can’t be cheap. Let’s hazard a guess at two-and-a-half.

We’ll get an idea of just how fast it is this weekend when Indy 500 winner and all-round lunatic Kenny Brack tackles the Goodwood hillclimb during the Festival of Speed. On paper the P1 LM looks capable of setting a top 10 time and Brack has done amazing things on the hill with an F1 GTR Long Tail in recent years. It’ll be a good watch.

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