Meet Tanner Foust’s 900bhp VW Passat drift car

Top Gear USA host and disgustingly nice guy Tanner Foust has a new ride for the 2015 Formula Drift season: a 900bhp Volkswagen Passat.

Wait, what? A Passat drift car with over three times the power of the road car? You see, the beauty of Formula Drift rules is that, well, there don’t really seem to be any. So if you want to turn a deeply boring family saloon into a snorting sideways monster, you can.

Carrying the livery of long-time sponsor Rockstar Energy Drinks, Foust’s Passat is powered by 7.3-litre GM-sourced V8 producing over 700bhp, or 900bhp with a nitrous boost. It looks like the centre section of monocoque chassis is largely standard, with new front and rear ends to accommodate the hulking motor and rear-wheel-drive running gear.

Two-time champion Foust hasn’t competed in Formula Drift since 2010, when he finished second driving a NASCAR-engined Scion. Since then he’s been competing in rallycross, both in Europe and the USA. He’ll twin his campaign in the Passat with a full season in Global Rally Cross behind the wheel of the Andretti Autosport VW Beetle, and selected outings in the world series.

And carry on presenting TG USA. And do a million public appearances and viral videos. He’s gonna be busy, is what I’m saying.

The Formula Drift season starts on 10 April in Long Beach, California. For more information click here

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