Meet the 1400bhp Inferno Exotic Car

This is the over-literally-named Inferno Exotic Car that recently came to light at a high-tech expo in Mexico City.

The project is being led by a group of Mexican engineers, with much of the design work done by former Lamborghini man Antonio Ferrarioli. We’ll gloss over the mad styling, largely because there’s so much going on it would take more words than we have here to describe it all. Suffice it to say, we think the Inferno looks like something from a post-apocalyptic version of Need For Speed. Some will love it, others will hate it.

Power comes from a twin-turbo V8 of unknown origin, allegedly producing 1,400bhp and 670lb/ft of torque. That latter figure seems oddly low; the Hennessey Venom GT, which also has a twin-turbo V8 of 1,244bhp, turns out 1,155lb/ft. We suspect it’s a typo on the website, which simply lists torque as ‘670’; a more likely figure would be 1,670Nm, which equates to 1,232lb/ft.

Looking at the car, it’s obviously mid-engined and, we presume, rear-wheel-drive. There’s no word on what sort of gearbox transmits power from the engine to the wheels.

Inferno quotes the Exotic Car’s 0-60mph time as under three seconds, with a top speed of 395km/h (245mph).

But power and performance are the least interesting things about the Exotic Car. You expect this type of car to be bodied in carbonfibre, but no. It is, in fact, made from a zinc-aluminium-silver alloy dubbed ‘metal foam’. According to the bumpf, this patented material makes the bodywork as strong as that of a typical armoured vehicle. It can apparently stretch up to 100 times its original size, making it highly impact absorbent, while having a density roughly three quarters that of steel. No word on how it compares to carbon, though.

It isn’t known if the car shown at the expo functions or not; Inferno claims production will start early in 2016. A price hasn’t been specified, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it runs into multiple millions.

We have, of course, seen dozens of ultra-exotic supercars with massive power and performance and bleeding-edge tech pop up over the years, only for them to disappear without trace. We don’t doubt that a lot of time, passion and ingenuity has gone into the Inferno Exotic Car thus far, but we can’t help but smell a whiff of vapourware.

Take a look at the images and website and judge for yourselves.

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