Meet the 700bhp Shelby F150 Raptor

You’ve got to love America. Only in America would Ford look at its bungalow-size F150 truck and think “yes, that’s very good, but what it really needs is 400bhp and rally-spec suspension.”

But it did, and so the F150 SVT Raptor was born, complete with a 6.2-litre V8 powerhouse under the bonnet and handling that would give a Group N rally car something to think about.

For most people, this would be more than enough. But this is America and only in America would someone look at the Raptor and think “yes, that’s very good, but what it really needs is 75 per cent more power and suspension swiped from a Baja racer.”

But that’s what tuning legends Shelby American did and so the Shelby Baja 700 was born. With a Whipple supercharged bolted on, the motor makes 700bhp, while a Borla exhaust produces a bellow to wake the dead.

Rogue Racing provides suspension capable of taking on every terrain exists at 130mph and the BF Goodrich tyres have won the tortuous Baja 1000 rally. This is one very serious piece of kit. A very serious piece of kit that can still seat five in air-conditioned luxury and carry literally a ton of stuff.

Just 50 of these Shelby F150 Raptors will be built at a cost of $45,000 (£30,000), plus the cost of the truck. Why wouldn’t you?

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