Meet the 730bhp Walkinshaw-tuned Holden

Is there such a thing as too much power? No there isn’t, according to Aussie tuners Walkinshaw Performance.

You see, they have created the catchily-named W547 supercharger pack that ups output from the 6.2-litre, LS3 V8 motor found under the bonnet of the Holden Commodore-based HSV Gen-F2 to a simply staggering 734bhp and 649lb/ft of torque. Mentalists.

So what we have here is a relatively unassuming family saloon with as much power as a Ferrari F12. And over 20% more torque. Which surely is at least pushing the boundaries of too much. You probably only have to glance at the throttle pedal for the rear tyres to vapourise. Incidentally, the W547 name refers to the power output in Aussie kilowatts.

Squeezing that kind of power even out of a 6.2 V8 isn’t exactly easy; the socking-great Eaton supercharger is only the half of it. There’s a new camshaft, injectors, intercooler, cold air intake, heavy-duty valve springs and ceramic coated headers, as well.

According to Walkinshaw General Manager, Tony Harris: “It’s not necessarily about the power and torque, it’s really about how well the package is put together and how well it drives which in turn is based on how well it’s been engineered.” Quite.

Walkinshaw hasn’t released any performance figures, but we’ll guess at a traction-limited 0-62mph time of around four seconds. As for top speed, well you would probably run out of road – or gears – before it ran of puff, even in Australia.

Slightly worryingly, the W547 pack doesn’t include any suspension or brake upgrades, but Walkinshaw can sell you plenty of those as well. Or just leave it as is and go everywhere sideways.

The price for such monstrous power is surprisingly small. Fully fitted, the W547 pack costs just AUS$25,990, or £12,000. With a warranty. The first 50 buyers get a few extras; yellow detailing under the bonnet and a ride-along with Walkinshaw’s V8 Supercars driver, Lee Holdsworth. Who, incidentally, only has about 550bhp to play with in his race car.

Intriguingly, the pack is compatible with the old Vauxhall VXR8 – new ones come ready-s’charged – which can be bought in good nick for 20 grand or so. Just imagine: F12-baiting performance for 30-odd grand. That’s the bargain of the decade, surely. But there’s no word on UK availability yet, so you might have to ask very nicely.

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