Meet the Rolls-Royce Wraith ‘Inspired by Music’

The Rolls-Royce Wraith is already an incredible example of luxury, in fact all Rolls-Royces are but that doesn’t stop the Brit manufacturer from creating an even more bespoke version of the Wraith. Meet the Rolls-Royce Wraith ‘Inspired by Music’.

It has been two years since the launch of the Wraith and it is far from in need of a trim upgrade but Rolls have decided to introduce this particular model to celebrate the manufacturers long time connection to music, particularly rock and roll. Some of the most iconic music artists of the previous decades have had a Rolls-Royce including Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Keith Moon who apparently (because some sources state this isn’t true) drove his Rolls-Royce into a swimming pool.

So what is different on this ‘Inspired by Music’ model?

One of the first differences you’ll notice is the ‘Lyrical Copper’ exterior paint which is a blend of brushed and polished textures that starts the running theme of cooper theme through the car. Inside the most notable feature are the ‘Bespoke Audio’ engraved speaker grilles which have been “re-imagined” and are presented in the copper theme. The door panniers and floor mats have been crafted from finely-woven leather to add even more luxury to the car’s stunning interior.

There is also a copper finish featuring for the first time on Wraith’s dashboard as well as the Wraith’s signature seat bullets. All of this copper finish draws attention to the use of copper in only the very best audio systems, which according to Rolls-Royce, the Wraith has.

The Bespoke Audio system was created from scratch by a team of the world’s very best automotive audio engineers and the system itself took two years of development alongside the Rolls-Royce interior designers to ensure the system was perfectly tuned to the interior of the cabin.

The incredible system features a 1300W, 18 speaker system with two ‘exciter’ speakers that are hand-fitted in to the car’s headlining. This is a pretty cool feature which is said to bring the sound to the listener at ear-level and ensuring the output “perfectly imitates the way music is experienced in a live setting”. On top of all of that sound wizardry there a multiple microphones that monitor ambient and exterior noises and will adjust volume and tone settings automatically. Sadly they’re not for singing along to the incredible speaker system.

There are no changes to the performance but it’s not like the Wraith is particularly lacking in that department with its 623hp twin-turbo V12 engine.

Wraith ‘Inspired by Music’ completes the trilogy of the ‘Bespoke Collections’ as Rolls-Royce launched the Wraith ‘Inspired by Film’ back in March to celebrate Rolls’ long association with the silver screen whilst a Wraith ‘Inspired by Fashion’ was launched in May to showcase one of the most high-end cars inspired by the materials and motifs of cutting-edge high-end fashion.

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By James Fothergill

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