Meet the Spyker Preliator

In recent years, Dutch supercar maker Spyker got rather distracted with ill-fated attempts to run an F1 team and Saab. Bankruptcy was the inevitable result, but the company has been rescued and is now back to doing what it does best: making delightfully idiosyncratic supercars.

The first car built under the new regime has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and it continues the Spyker tradition of having an unpronounceable name: Preliator (we’ve literally no idea what it means).

The Preliator has a bang-up-to-date new look, but it’s flowing, rounded shape is still recogniseably Spyker. A comparatively long wheelbase lent most of its predecessors a slightly awkward look, but this is much better resolved.

An all-aluminium chassis houses a mid-mounted, Audi-sourced 4.2-litre V8. It’s quite an elderly engine now but there’s clearly still life left in it as, thanks to a supercharger, it develops 518bhp. Which is a lot in a car that weighs 1,390kg, a big chunk less than anything else with similar power you care to mention.

A six-speed manual gearbox with a wonderfully over-the-top exposed linkage sends power to the rear wheels (a paddle-shift auto is optional). 0-62mph takes 3.7secs and top speed is 201mph.

But by far the best part of the Preliator – indeed any Spyker – is the interior. It’s a feast of beautifully stitched leather and precisely brushed aluminium, with myriad toggle switches and gorgeous dials, lit in turquoise. As you’d expect at this end of the market, colour and material choice is limited only by budget (certainly not taste).

And you’ll need a big budget to buy a Spyker Preliator. Prices start at €324,900 (over £300,000) before taxes. Only 50 will be built.

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