Meet the ultimate off-road fire truck

This might just be the ultimate fire truck. It’s called the Bulldog and is designed to tackle bush fires in the most hostile, inaccessible terrain.

With over two feet of ground clearance, chunky tyres four-and-a-half feet tall and many differential locks, the only places the Bulldog can’t reach probably aren’t on this planet. And in case things go wrong, there’s an elaborate full rollcage. It’s loosely based on an International chassis, with power from a hulking-great diesel engine.

Having trail-bashed its way to the fire, the Bulldog has 2,000 gallons of water and 1,000 gallons of foam to deploy via an array of hoses and sprinklers that can be operated from inside. So the firefighters don’t have to put themselves in harm’s way.

It really is one of the most awesome vehicles we’ve even seen. But then, we expect nothing less than awesome from the Bulldog’s maker, specialist vehicle experts Howe & Howe, who you may remember as the minds behind the insanely brilliant Ripsaw tank.

Video via Youtube/Howe&Howe

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