Meet the Vulcano Titanium

This the Icona Vulcano Titanium which is, as the name suggests, the first titanium-bodied car there has ever been.

It’s a one-off, debuting at the Pebble Beach Concours later this week. Over 1,000 hours of finest Italian craftsmanship went into creating the bodywork, shown off to maximum effect as there’s no paint.

Icona first arrived when the Vulcano was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2013. It uses a carbonfibre chassis while power comes from a 6.2-litre, supercharged V8 engine that first did duty in the Corvette ZR1. The motor serves up a mighty 670bhp and 620 lb/ft of torque, though Icona claims 1,000bhp can be released.

Drive goes to the rear wheels via a six-speed paddle-shift gearbox. Apparently, the 0-60mph sprint is dealt with in 2.8 seconds, 0-120mph in 8.8 seconds and top speed stands at 220mph. Bold claims, especially as there’s no evidence for them and Icona hasn’t said which configuration they apply to. Bear in mind as well that, despite all the carbon and titanium, the Vulcano isn’t exactly light, tipping the scales at over 1.5 tons.

But we’ll give Icona the benefit of the doubt for now. “Inspiration for the Vulcano came from the world’s fastest plane, the Blackbird SR-71, whose sharp and dramatic silhouette complimenting its sensual surface transitions was key to the styling of the Vulcano,” said design boss Samuel Chuffart. If you want to learn about going fast, you can do worse than take lessons from the fastest thing there is.

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