Mental Honda Project 2&4 revealed

This is what happens when Honda lets its designers off the lead: they create a flyweight, MotoGP-engined single-seater with an exposed, ‘floating’ seat. In other words, they go nuts.

The Honda Project 2&4 is the product of an internal design competition, devised by Honda’s motorbike and car design studios in Japan. It’s an unholy marriage of car and ‘bike racing tech, with extra mentalness.

Power comes the 999cc V4 RC213V motor that has won several MotoGP championships, detuned slightly for road use but still producing 212bhp and 87lb/ft of torque. The redline is set at 14,000rpm, at which point it plays the most extraordinary thrash metal soundtrack.

The engine sits on the right-hand side of the chassis, with the driver next to it in that floating seat, that appears to hover above the road. Honda says it “places the driver as close to the action as possible, evoking the freedom of a bike and completing the immersion provided be [the car’s] extreme performance.”

How extreme? Honda hasn’t published any figures, but bare in mind Project 2&4 only weighs 405kg. That’s a power-to-weight ratio of 523bhp per ton, about the same as a Bugatti Veyron. With power going through a fast-acting six-speed dual-clutch gearbox, I suspect full-bore standing starts would best be described as ‘explosive’.

Sadly, Project 2&4 is unlikely ever to go on sale, if for no other reason than that exposed seat wouldn’t get through even the most carefree health and safety regulations. But Honda needs to find a way. The world would be a much better place for it.

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